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Bali has hundreds of years of healing traditions and in this sense Parwathi Bauch – a descendant of Bali’s Brahmana caste created her signature treatments for her award-winning Spa, which is a sanctuary of relaxation resembling an ancient Balinese royal water palace. The Spa program with its special 2, 4 and 6 hand and Royal Bali Massage, is derived from ancient Balinese culture, and mirrors the idea of unity, attained through eternal duality – relaxing and rejuvenating. Parwathi’s Spa sanctuary spoils with traditional treatments within royal surroundings and the result is pampering in perfection.

Parwathi Spa - Beauty
Parwathi Spa - Flower-Bath

The aroma oils and Parwathi Spa products are based on the purest organic natural ingredients. Upon each treatment you have the choice of three signature Parwathi’s Spa essential oil mixtures:

"BALI SACRED GARDEN": Sandalwood, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang

"BALI REFRESHING FRUITS": Cucumber, Passion fruit, Basil, Grapefruit

"SWEET SPICES": Ginger, Vanilla, Anise, Cinnamon


While in our Spa Beach pavilion listen to the ocean waves and the song of the wind in the banyan trees – the therapists are all that’s needed here. To choose your favorite Parwathi’s Spa essential oil and enjoy a complimentary cup of fresh ginger tea we kindly ask you to come 15 minutes before your treatment time.

Our wellbeing Jamu

An Indonesian traditional herbal medicne made from natural materials. An essential drink for your well being.

Our wellbeining  JAMU

Treatments at the Parwathi Spa 

Parwathi Spa - Footbath
Beach Massage Pavillion
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