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The name Matahari comes from the Indonesian language and means „Eye of the Day“ referring to the sun. In Indonesian mythology the sun always plays a positive role and here in the North-Western part of Bali it treats our resort in a very special way. The high mountain ranges to the South protect the resort from the main winds and, even during the rain period from November to February a distinctly higher sun shine rate can be enjoyed compared to the South of the island. For that reason the sun is symbolically integrated into the Matahari Beach Resort & Spa Logo.

The history of the Matahari Beach Resort & Spa begins in 1970 and sounds like a romantic story from the Balinese mythology. During her studies Ida Ayu Parwathi, descendant of the highest Balinese Brahmana caste coincidentally meets Magnus Bauch, a young man from Munich, staying in Denpasar for a vocational training course of Balinese expert personnel. It is love at first sight and disregarding all traditions and religions they get married and Parwathi leaves the Island of the Gods for her husband’s hometown Munich. Through regular holidays contact to Bali stays intense and they start to search for a property to build a vacation home. In 1989 Parwathi’s brother Erawan found a suitable beach object, although the zoning plan only allowed a touristic development the spectacular landscape and the ocean view enchanted both, as it still enchants our guests today A present high priest confirms the benevolence of the spirits who protect the property and gives the blessings of the Gods.

Pemuteran Dive Cottages

Garden View Bungalow

6 months later the local craftsmen of Pemuteran accomplished the order to build a house temple surrounded by a wall and a simple hut made of bamboo and palm tree branches. However the craftsmen didn’t feel challenged with the construction of some simple bamboo huts, and inquired for a possibility to build some really nice bungalows in traditional style. The construction of one sample bungalow in compliance with the conceptual ideas of the Balinese master builders was agreed.???

The original bungalow was completed within 8 months. Built only with native materials; palemanan, wood, Balinese marble, bamboo and sandstone. Entered through a richly decorated double winged wooden door, a Balinese four-poster bed dominates the room with four meter high open ceiling. A marble bathroom with adjoining outdoor private dragon shower guarantees complete privacy.

It was decided to build fifteen more bungalows arranged in a group around a swimming pool, screened off by an open lobby area and to be conceived as a 5 star resort.

Matahari Beach Resort

Wayang Cocktail Bar
Dewi Ramona Restaurant

Within a construction period of two years the Matahari Beach Resort was developed under the supervision of a local architect and with the help of some 700 regional craftsmen, without use of any machines. The only means of support was a Lescha concrete mixer and a flex for cutting the stone and marble sheets.??

The traditional Balinese carving and stone cutting art are most impressive. Up to five artists simultaneously begin a relief; creating traditional motives that emerge apparently without any visible plan, merely led by a deeply rooted inspiration and using only the simplest of tools a three-dimensional piece of art is created in „slow motion“. These work of art are now to be admired in the Dewi Ramona Restaurant, Wayang Cocktail Lounge and Parwathi Spa.

Upon a completion period of 2 years a date for the soft opening was agreed. A three-day ceremony with 7 high priests was held with a "Pemelaspas Tawur Gentuh” which signifies a building that has a special importance according to the belief of the Hindu.
The first day of the ceremony was 11 June 1995. Over 300 participants, clad in traditional Balinese costumes, carrying offerings and accompanied by Gong Gede orchestras, brought blessed water from the temples of Pura Melanting, Pura Pulaki and Pura Pemuteran to Matahari Beach Resort and together they prayed for a smooth hotel operation. As a symbol of gratitude the village Pemuteran handed over a wooden bell “Kentongan”.

The "Pakelem" ceremony was held on the following day, this ceremony featured the presentation of blessed sacrifices to the God of the oceans and prayers for safety and health. With the final preparations to be finished, Matahari Beach Resort was officially inaugurated on the 31 August 1995.


1995 Grand Opening on 31 August 1995


Start of the ceremony was a holy mass in the cathedral of Palasari, which was attended by more than 500 guests and lead by the Bishop of Bali and Lombok. As by Gods will 5 priests from Munich – on a pilgrimage- where present too.
A blessing and the resorts official opening followed the mass. The enthusiastic guests celebrated with traditional dance performances and Balinese delicacies till the wee hours. As of the following day and until today the main aim of the Matahari Team is to fulfil all our guests wishes and make their stay in their home away from home a most unforgettable one!

1999 The opening of the Parwathi Spa:

Parwathi Spa

The opening of the Parwathi Spa in 1999 was another milestone. The traditional Balinese royal water pavilions inspired the architecture of this sanctuary of relaxation, situated in a quiet corner of the property. The Spa program with its special 4 hand- and 6 hand Royal Bali Massage, is derived from ancient Balinese culture, and mirrors the idea of unity, attained through eternal duality – relaxing and rejuvenating.
The aroma oils and Parwathi Spa products are based on the purest organic natural ingredients. Parwathi Spa received a nomination as “Most beautiful designed Spa” by Spa Asia Magazine in 2007.

Today, Matahari Beach Resort & Spa...


... has become the ultimate place to stay and discover the many hidden treasures of North-West Bali, as well as a starting point for diving trips to Menjangan Island, the underwater national park. It offers all you need for exotic weddings, romantic honeymoons and blissful family holidays.