5-star rating for Matahari

In May of this year it became official – the Matahari Beach Resort & Spa is the only hotel in the North of Bali to boast a 5-star rating. But the reclassification through an independent institute was not the only evaluation that kept the Matahari team on their toes over the last few months.

Before the official appraisal of the ‘Hotel Security Management System’ – a new safety standard passed by the government of the Republic of Indonesia, which lays down stringent guidelines for all relevant safety aspects, including everything from guests’ medical care to fire and accident prevention measures to lighting concepts – the team had a lot of work on their hands. But all their efforts more than paid off. After the rigorous evaluation by a team of experts, the Mataharis’s ‘Hotel Security Management’ was awarded a GOLD rating. “Of course we were delighted to receive the award,” says owner Magnus Bauch, “but that doesn’t mean we’ll be resting on our laurels. We don’t just want to fulfil the standards, but to embody them in the interest of our valued guests.”