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HIDEAWAYS Lifetime Achievement Award

HIDEAWAYS ITB 2018: It was 20 years ago that we first visited the Matahari Beach Resort & Spa on the “Island of the Gods” for the first time. At the time we were entranced by the magic of this piece of paradise and the wonderful staff, whom proprietress Parwathi Bauch likes to call “the most effective medication for lasting relaxation.”

But as delighted as we were, we were most of all impressed by the courage of Magnus and Parwathi Bauch in opening a luxury hotel on what was then still the completely untouched northern coast of Bali - without any hotel experience and while still running their family butcher shop in Munich. But in the life of this Bavarian-Balinese couple, love seems able to move mountains. If their own love story seems like a Balinese fairy tale with a romantic happy end, the Matahari Beach Resort & Spa is an expression down to the details of their shared passion for the unique culture and the picturesque landscape that the locals call “Taman Bali” (Garden of Eden). “The first time I looked from the water towards the dark beach and the bizarre mountain landscape, I fell in love, just like I did with my wife,” recalls Magnus Bauch.

That was over two decades ago. Although the first few years certainly weren’t always easy, with many an obstacle that had to be overcome, the only five-star hotel in northern Bali has today become one of the leading addresses of the island, offering an extraordinary experience to culture-seekers, gourmets, lovers, active vacationers, divers and wellness holiday-makers. This is shown by the steadily growing number of regular guests as well as the countless exclusive awards. Among other things, the Matahari has for many years been at the upper end of the HIDEAWAYS Top 25.

And it’s not just guests who are delighted about this “Garden of paradise for the soul.” The industry, watching with a critical eye, praises the couple’s sustained and varied ecological and social responsibility commitments. It’s an opinion we share whole-heartedly, and so present to the Bauchs the first of our newly created “HIDEAWAYS Lifetime Achievement Awards.”

ITB 2018: HIDEAWAYS Lifetime Achievement Award


Video: HIDEAWAYS Lifetime Achievement Award



Thomas Klocke at the HIDEAWAYS PARTY ITB 2018:
This year, we have created for the first time a new award,Lifetime Achievement Award. The first laureate is one of our clients who follows the steps from HIDEAWAYS from the very beginning, so at least its also an award of friendship for us. The hoteliers invited us for many years to visit his gem of a hotel / but we have postphoned every year and only arranged a visit for its 20th birthday / really shame on us. But we went there for three days / with a 15 hours flight one way. When we arrived, we discovered a magical place, a real piece of paradise. To manage a hotel here for twenty years doesn’t only involve an investment in the “hardware” but also means giving 150 people well-paid work – albeit only for 16 villas with 32 suites. The social commitment of the owners is also exemplary: a kindergarten was opened and since 1995 all facilities and wages have been paid. There has also been generous support for an orphanage and a home for elderly. And we have rarely encountered employees who show their bosses (employers) as much respect and deference as here.

But please / convince yourself ! Please give a big big hand to Magnus Bauch, owner of Matahari Beach Resort and Spa in Bali and Komang Astika, Resident Manager of the hotel.


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