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Environmental friendliness

We welcome you behind the scenes of Matahari Beach Resort & Spa and present our social and environmental engagement of which we are very proud of. Bali is changing it´s ecological policies and is taking steps to saving our beautiful island, however we have implemented many projects for years which we want to share.

One of our most recent changes was a dramatic cut in plastic products. We have substituted all straws and cotton buds for environmental friendly options, don´t use any plastic bags, use only recyclable bottles for spa products as well as all guest amenities.
Additionally, the amount of electrical power has been reduced. Most lights have been switched to LED techniques and sun energy is used to heat water as cooper pipes have been installed for the laundry.
Water is our next important issue. We recycle every drop of used water with our own water treatment plant and use it for watering our garden. The backwash is processed through a reed-recycling-pelvises instead of redirecting it into the sea.
On top of recycling water we compost all organic decreases of our garden and hand out grass cuttings to farmers as animal feeds. By supplying a perfect habitat for different kinds of birds in our tropical garden the amount and impact of mosquitos and insects is being controlled naturally.

In order to maintain our high quality and health standards we regularly train our employees on the latest health and HACCP standards