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Christmas time and the End of the Year 2019

Dear Friends of Matahari Beach Resort & Spa

“Om Swastiastu”

If you would like to celebrate Christmas and the end of the year in a tropical environment with a traditional touch, use the chance to experience an unforgettable time in the untouched Northwest of Bali.

The tranquil atmosphere of our Matahari Beach Resort & Spa, the sound of the birds in the exotic garden, the humming of the crickets, the calming sound of the ocean - all combined with the way to make you feel home away from home, will create your unique holiday time.

Come together with your loved ones to celebrate this joyful time of the year with delightful Balinese and European specialties, stunning dance performances and live music which will tempt you to dance into the early hours of the New Year 2020.

The family of Matahari Beach Resort & Spa is looking forward to welcoming you this holiday season and make this peaceful time one you will love to remember.

The Christmas Time and News Year´s Eve program

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Om
Jany-Michel Fourré