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In the secluded north-western of Bali the soul of Asia presents itself as a paradise, which despite of the touristic boom could retain, it’s eclectic culture and mysticism. This is still a place of beauty and splendour – a place where a traveller from far away still receives a sincere smile.


With a size of 23 x 12 m the pool is large enough to swim your laps and an excellent place for a cooling dip. With a partly depth of 3 m its even suitable for divers to get their first underwater experience.

The Garden

The north-western of Bali is blessed with the perfect climate for all kinds of trees, plants and flowers. Revel in our 4 Ha. lush and colourful tropical garden with exotic melati trees, bougainvillea, hibiscus, jasmine, oleander and palm trees – they also form a perfect habitat for a variety of birds.

    Matahari Beach Resort & Spa


Impressions from the Matahari Beach Resort & Spa garden
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