All our massage treatments include a pleasant footbath and refreshing shower.

Beach Massage Pavillion


The Bali Massage is handed down through generations and is a very soft and relaxing massage from head to toe. Enjoy this calming effect on your body with the sounds of the ocean in the beach pavilion.

60 Minuten | US$ 56.00



The Solo massage is a personalized massage working on problem zones of your body. We use a combination of traditional massage techniques and reflexology. Feel completely refreshed as all tension have been magically massaged away.

60 minutes | US$ 60.00


PARWATHI SPA fourhand massage



The Sukha Massage is a luxuriously relaxing massage treatment designed to ease all tension through the use of long, rhythmic movements that open, balance and calm the body’s subtle energy centers, while comforting and calming the mind. Creating a lasting feeling of peacefulness and tranquility. 

60 minutes | 2 hands US$ 65.00 | 4 hands US$ 108.00


Parwathi Spa - massage


The Sthira Massage is a revitalizing massage treatment, designed to alleviate stress and mental fatigue by releasing blocked energy from the muscles and connective tissue, and redirecting its flow throughout the body to re- balance and re energize, while at the same time calming and clearing the mind.

60 minutes | 2 hands US$ 65.00 | 4 hands US$ 108.00


Parwathi Spa - Sixhand-Massage


The Royal Bali Massage is a traditional deep pressure massage - two therapists work simultaneously to stimulate you muscles, they work on nerve pathways and encourage blood circulation throughout the body. This massage helps to relieve stress and tension and promotes a sense of balance and well being.

60 minutes | 4 hands US$ 108.00 | 6 hands US$ 137.00



Too often our body endures great exertions: long office hours and desk work leading to severe back pain, lack of Magnesium or long standing periods leading to leg cramps and tensions. A simple back or leg massage helps to eliminate tensions and revitalize these weight-bearing parts of the body. 

30 minutes | US$ 35.00


Parwathi Spa - Reflexology


In traditional Chinese Medicine the feet (and to a lesser extent the hands) are regarded as microcosm of the body. Reflexology uses pressure applied to relax specific points in the feet to relieve stress and tension and improve circulation. Six major energy Meridians terminate in the feet: that of the spleen kidneys, liver, stomach, gallbladder and bladder-as do some of the major nerves. Using thumb pressure to press and deeply massage each of the tiny reflex zones in the feet a skilled reflexologist can stimulate the associated organs and glands, thereby activate the body’s natural healing mechanisms and correct imbalances. The big toe for instance is connected to the head, and simply stimulating it through massage can help ease headaches. Reflexology is suitable for all ages and has been proven to help improve circulation, ease pain, relax the body, and treat a wide range of acute and chronic illnesses ranging from post-natal depression to skin conditions.

60 minutes | US$ 87.00


All rates are subject to 21% service charge & government tax.