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Kindergarten Cooking Class

The future gastronomical talents of Matahari Beach Resort and Spa

For the owners of Matahari Beach Resort & Spa, Parwathi and Magnus Bauch, social responsibility goes far beyond building a Kindergarten in Pemuteran and sponsoring the Kindergarten and Kindergarten teacher since 1996.

Following the idea: “Practice makes perfect at an early stage”, not just in cooking, but also in learning about healthy ingredients, Ibu Parwathi Bauch and Executive Chef I Komang Sujana gave a cooking class for Bakmi Goreng to the Kindergarten children.

25 girls and boys learned here on the 20th of November 2019 how healthy cooking can be done with the right ingredients, less salt and just a tiny bit of oil.

“Makanan enak” was the statement of the Kindergarten children asked if they liked it. With happy faces they went to Ibu Bauch to ask for a second serving.

Kindergarten for Future - Matahari is looking out for the next generation.

Almost 25 years ago when my wife Parwathi and me had built Matahari Beach Resort & Spa in the completely untouched area of Northwest Bali, it was clear to us from the beginning: we want a soft tourism in harmony with nature and the culture of Bali. Honestly, nobody has been talking about Eco-Tourism, Green Hotels or CSR at the time. We were the absolute trailblazers and literally took "new paths".

Those new paths, also included using local building materials, constructing our bungalows in the typical Balinese style and employing local craftsmen and artists from Bali. No building has been built higher than a palm tree. Our Matahari blends in gently into the landscape and is not visible from the sea.

However, the selection of employees was the most relevant point to us. Almost all of them are from our neighbouring village Pemuteran, just as they were 25 years ago. They are the heart and soul of our resort: our Matahari Family. And that´s what guests feel from the first moment, when they enter our lobby and are greeted with a smile and refreshing towels.

And this smile is definitely more important to us than expertise. We can convey the knowledge, but the smile is innated and comes from the heart. As we have had true women power within our company from the beginning on (60% of the Matahari Family are female), we have also thought about ways to support and strengthen the village´s community and local families.

Therefore, in 1996 the Matahari kindergarten was born. Firstly, we had to find a suitable building in the village, located centrally and easily accessible for the little ones either by foot or by bicycle. Then we rebuilt and designed it child-friendly. The kindergarten is designed for the children of our employees as well as the children from the village. At the moment, children between four and six are cared for on a daily basis. The educational concept meets the ethical and cultural needs of the Balinese community. The salaries of the nursery school teachers are paid 100% by Matahari Beach Resort & Spa. At the same time, the kindergarten fulfils the function of the preschool of the village.

You can imagine that after so many years with the little ones, the nursery had not been left without traces. That´s why we have decided at the beginning of the year to renovate it completely from the roof to the chairs and tables. Sponsored by Matahari and its guests.

On the 15th of July 2019, everything was ready to welcome 35 children to the newly renovated nursery. This has been an incredibly beautiful feeling for Parwathi and me to see the happy and lively little ones exploring their kindergarten and then silently listening to Ida Ayu Dewi´s words.

Incidentally, we also offer the opportunity to visit the kindergarten to our guests and let them see the bright future of Bali. These are impressions you will never forget. We are looking forward to seeing you.
(Report by Magnus from Matahari Beach Resort & Spa - Bali)

The MATAHARI Kindergarten

The Matahari Kindergarten opened in 1996. It is attended by the children of Matahari Beach Resort & Spa employees, and by children from the village of Pemuteran.

At the present time, we provide loving care and attention to the children ranging in age from four to six, every day. The education concept accommodates the religious and cultural demands of the Balinese community; it also fulfills the function of a preschool.

The Matahari Beach Resort & Spa pays 100% of the teachers’ salaries.

A new face for the new faces

After renovations of the roof and the buildings, sponsored by Matahari Beach Resorts & Spa and guests, the kindergarten was ready for the new school year. The classrooms, the tables and the chairs got a fresh look.


Finally on 15th of July 2019 the exciting day for the children of Pemuteran was there; for many of them it was the first school day! For this new school year we welcome 35 children in our kindergarten, of whom 30 are new.



Drawing competition

On Friday 19th October 2018, at 9AM the Matahari Beach Resort & Spa Management invited the guests to attend the “Matahari Drawing Competition” which took place at our beach. It gave the guests a chance to showcase the children´s artistic talents! of course the parents came to support their kids.

The competition was also a great way to stimulate the 38 participants’ imagination and drawing skills, as well as a chance for a bit of competitive fun.
Winners were chosen whose drawings show the most creativity, originality, and overall appearance. Jury of 5 presented them their well-earned prices!


First school day at Matahari Kindergarten

On 27th July it was an exciting day for the Indonesian children; for many of them it was the first school day! We have for this new school year 45 children in our kindergarten and from whom 33 are new. Mrs. Parwathi Bauch, our owner, had the pleasure to welcome them. Thank you to Neue Wege for the kind support for sponsoring the new bookshelf and the different school materials.


Year Seven students visited the Matahari Kindergarten

Katy Denham, teacher at Canggu Community School, wrote about the visit with her students on 8th May 2014 at our Kindergarten.

When the Year Seven students of Canggu Community School arrived at the Matahari Kindergarten all the students were greeted with wide smiles and given a beautiful welcome, which put them completely at ease before their performance. In front of a happy audience the students acted a bi-lingual play they had written themselves about how plastic bags end up in the sea from all over the place, and what harm that does to the creatures of the ocean.

After the play the students distributed the gifts that had been arranged through Pak Agus Pendit who helped run the Year Seven Camp meeting the school children and holding conversations with them in both Indonesian and English.

The Year Seven CCS students were impressed by the good manners of the children at Matahari, and how welcoming they were. They also showed they understood the importance of visiting the Kindergarten, how that with each smile and each gift a connection is made between communities and how shared experiences make lasting impressions on people. We will never forget the children at Matahari and hope they too remember the day when some kids came to their school and pretended to be turtles and fish!