The MATAHARI Kindergarten

The Matahari Kindergarten opened in 1996. It is attended by the children of Matahari Beach Resort & Spa employees, and by children from the village of Pemuteran.

At the present time, we provide loving care and attention to 48 children ranging in age from four to six, every day. The education concept accommodates the religious and cultural demands of the Balinese community; it also fulfills the function of a preschool.

The Matahari Beach Resort & Spa pays 100% of the teachers’ salaries.

Drawing competition

On Friday 19th October 2018, at 9AM the Matahari Beach Resort & Spa Management invited the guests to attend the “Matahari Drawing Competition” which took place at our beach. It gave the guests a chance to showcase the children´s artistic talents! of course the parents came to support their kids.

The competition was also a great way to stimulate the 38 participants’ imagination and drawing skills, as well as a chance for a bit of competitive fun.
Winners were chosen whose drawings show the most creativity, originality, and overall appearance. Jury of 5 presented them their well-earned prices!


First school day at Matahari Kindergarten

On 27th July it was an exciting day for the Indonesian children; for many of them it was the first school day! We have for this new school year 45 children in our kindergarten and from whom 33 are new. Mrs. Parwathi Bauch, our owner, had the pleasure to welcome them. Thank you to Neue Wege for the kind support for sponsoring the new bookshelf and the different school materials.


Year Seven students visited the Matahari Kindergarten

Katy Denham, teacher at Canggu Community School, wrote about the visit with her students on 8th May 2014 at our Kindergarten.

When the Year Seven students of Canggu Community School arrived at the Matahari Kindergarten all the students were greeted with wide smiles and given a beautiful welcome, which put them completely at ease before their performance. In front of a happy audience the students acted a bi-lingual play they had written themselves about how plastic bags end up in the sea from all over the place, and what harm that does to the creatures of the ocean.

After the play the students distributed the gifts that had been arranged through Pak Agus Pendit who helped run the Year Seven Camp meeting the school children and holding conversations with them in both Indonesian and English.

The Year Seven CCS students were impressed by the good manners of the children at Matahari, and how welcoming they were. They also showed they understood the importance of visiting the Kindergarten, how that with each smile and each gift a connection is made between communities and how shared experiences make lasting impressions on people. We will never forget the children at Matahari and hope they too remember the day when some kids came to their school and pretended to be turtles and fish!