The "Benih Kasik" Orphanage

The “Benih Kasik” Orphanage was founded by Kadek Philipus in 2004. He and his wife are devout Christians, whose motivation in founding the orphanage was to give something back to the community, as an expression of gratitude for their fortunate experiences.

At the present time, 36 children aged 2 to 18 live in the orphanage. They come from Bali, Sumba, Flores and Java. The vision of this facility is to raise the children to become loving, self-sufficient, educated and responsible young people who can look forward to a productive future in the work world. To this end, the children attend school, participate in sports, foster their creativity and take part in projects.

Social Projects
In 2009, the children came up with the idea of forming their own orchestra, which they named “Suara Harti” (“Voices of the Heart”). They gave their first public performance at the Music Festival in Lovina in 2010. They regularly perform for us at the Matahari Beach Resort & Spa. The payments they receive for their performances are used to support their large family.