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Customs regulations

For an accurate information on the Indonesians customs regulations, we recommend you to visit the » specific page.

Health regulations

Officially there are no vaccinations required at present. We recommend you to contact your local health organisation prior to your departure.


During the day we recommend light cotton clothes. For mountain excursions our guests should take along some warmer clothes.

Customs and Traditions

Shorts and mini-skirts are not allowed in and around temples. It is custom to take off the shoes in temples, on festival grounds and in private houses. We strongly recommend following these customs to show your respect for the religious traditions.

Foreign visitors should never touch someone´s head (including children´s ) or point a finger at someone as this is considered impolite. For the same reason one should avoid standing with your head above someone you are talking to. In doubt please rather squat or sit. Shaking hands is not customary, except on farewells or congratulations. Intimate touches or embraces are absolutely inappropriate.

Skinny dipping and going topless are not permitted. Nude or topless swimming and sunbathing are forbidden as well. If you see Balinese taking a bath in the rivers along the streets one should discreetly overlook them and resist the appeal to take pictures. When handing over or taking something from someone only the right hand is to be used. The left hand is considered unclean.

Yet another advice: The Balinese love to bargain. Especially in the markets it is customary to haggle over the prices. Visitors can do so, too, but so as not to be disappointed one should inform oneself in advance about the realistic prices.

Car rental

Indonesia has left-hand traffic. We advise our guests not to drive by themselves unless they already have some experience with the Asian way of driving. Traffic conditions are completely different to what one knows from home and traffic rules are not easily comprehensible for foreigners. Motorcycles and bicycles without lights are an additional hazard in the dark.